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Our Core Values


We believe that being respectful means to be: understanding of differences in individual abilities and qualities; considerate of people’s feelings, wishes, rights, traditions and achievements; empathetic to individual circumstances; and willing to help all people in all situations. As we encounter people from different backgrounds and situations, we will be respectful of their unique ideas, beliefs, cultures, personal situations, resources, values, priorities and objectives.


We believe communication should be open and sincere in speech and expression. All points of view will be shared and discussed in a respectful and positive spirit and observed without judgement.  By cultivating this openness, Her2O will not allow pessimism or criticism from inhibiting its full potential. 


We believe in straightforward and truthful interactions that promote trust in the organization and its individual members. Honesty requires authentic interactions that are fair and sincere, and in which opinions are accepted and challenges are respected.


Authenticity, reliability, consistency, integrity and loyalty are key factors that Her2O strives to demonstrate in gaining the trust of clients, colleagues, partners and the global water industry. We strive to actively demonstrate these factors during our interactions, with the goal of building long-lasting mutually beneficial relationships.


We believe fun leads to creativity, innovation, connectedness and happiness. In the course of the important and serious work we do, there will be feelings of joy and personal growth as goals are pursued and milestones are reached. We know that celebrating our wins along the way and laughing at ourselves and with our peers, helps to balance our atmosphere.

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