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Charitable and Engineering Services

We believe that giving back as individuals and as an organization is important. We also believe in sharing our talents with others. We provide the following services on a charitable basis to qualifying recipients. 

Completed Projects

Kenya WASH Project 2022: Kenswed Secondary School,

Kiawanda Primary School, Rwacumari Primary School

In October 2022 Her2O members traveled to Nairobi, Kenya and surrounding areas to implement our first WASH project!


We partnered with the Women in Water and Sanitation Association of Kenya (WIWAS) to conduct work at three schools. The priority school of this project was Kenswed Secondary School, where we rehabilitated the girls restrooms including new pit latrines, added a new exterior privacy wall, added plumbing to each bathroom stall and outside of the bathrooms for drinking water use and upgraded handwashing stations, installed an onsite biodigestor for wastewater treatment, and installed an incinerator for disposal of menstrual hygiene products. We provided menstrual hygiene management (MHM) education and donated menstrual hygiene products to the 231 girls attending the school. We also provided education on careers in the water and sanitation industry. This project is still under construction, we will provide final updates when available. 

Kenswed's visionary is world-known marathoner Isaac Macharia! He started the school several years ago and has grown the programming and facilities immensely since then. Many of the girls attending this school have runaway (usually with their mother) to escape female genital mutilation (FGM). Girls are considered 'ready' for FGM as soon as they start to develop breasts. Once FGM is performed, they are considered ready for marriage and are most often married off to much older men. This school offers a safe haven for girls to escape FGM and successfully complete their education. Students at this school are on full scholarship, so they pay nothing to attend.

Kenswed offers both day school and boarding school, as well as a vocational school for students who will not go on to traditional college.


Girls Restrooms before renovation

Girls Restrooms new privacy wall


Girls Restrooms before renovation

Girls Restrooms new pit latrines and plumbing to each bathroom stall


New plumbing being installed

New plumbing being installed


Her2O purchasing sanitary pads to donate

Her2O donating sanitary pads to Kenswed Secondary school girls


Her2O Founder/Executive Director, Brianna Huber, providing MHM education

Her2O member Kalpna Solanki providing MHM education


Her2O Founder/ED Brianna Huber, Her2O and WIWAS board member Margaret Maina, Her2O member Kalpna Solanki, Kenswed Founder Isaac Macharia, WIWAS Chair Leunita Sumba, WIWAS Vice Chair Sally Njambi, WIWAS member TabithaMwangi, and Kenswed Secondary students


The second school we worked with is Kiawanda Primary School. At this school we provided MHM education and donated sanitary pads and undergarments for both girls and boys. 

DSC09791 (2).JPG

The final school we worked with is Rwacumari Primary School. At this school we also provided MHM education and donated sanitary pads and undergarments for both girls and boys. This school also received a donation of soap provided with funding from Unicef. As you can see, the restrooms at this school are literally sinking into the ground. We had a lot of fun at this school, as you can see the students at this school were quite entertaining!

DSC09956 (2).JPG
DSC09971 (2).JPG

Thank you so much to our individual donors, and sponsors Environmental Operators Certification Program and Xylem for making this project possible!

Virginia Drinking Water Project 2022

Her2O partnered with CE Corps/Engineers Without borders to provide preliminary engineering services for upgrading the drinking water system serving year-round residents, including assistance with system classification under the Safe Drinking Water Act and system mapping, at a large campground in Caroline County, VA.


Current & Continuous Projects

Iowa Sanitation Project 2022-2023

Her2O has partnered with CE Corps/Engineers Without borders on a second project to provide assessment of homeowner septic system conditions, lifespan of each of those systems, and make a repair/replacement cost estimate and schedule over the next 15 years for the city of College Springs IA.

Kenya WASH Project Continuous

The partnership we established with Women in Water and Sanitation Association Kenya (WIWAS) is intended to be continuous and long term. Our goal is to first continue to work with the three schools we've started with (above) to upgrade and maintain the girls restrooms and waste management systems, provide annual menstrual hygiene management (MHM) education to students and donate menstrual hygiene supplies to every girl of menstruation age each month continuously. From there we intend to provide career sponsorship, including scholarships, to select students that will pursue education or training in water and sanitation careers. We also intend to provide MHM train-the-trainer courses to WIWAS members so MHM education can occur more frequently than annually, and to potentially adopt additional schools to sponsor upgrading and maintaining girls restrooms and waste management systems, provide MHM education, and donate menstrual hygiene supplies.

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